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Release the LIFE LIMITING effects Grief can Hold

Are you working through life after a loss?

Everyone grieves differently, your vulnerability and emotions are respected.

Welcome to this grief space where healing, without the dreaded silver lining, is possible.



While grief is so unique to each individual, there are many common themes I have heard over the years. These statements are true, valid, honest and heartbreaking.

"I had no idea grief was gonna hurt so bad."

Grief can be terribly painful, confusing and even physically nauseating. 

"If I heal my grief, I'm scared I won't remember what they were like."

This statement holds so much vulnerability and I'm glad it comes up. Because the fact is that healing will never erase your loved one's memory. Ever. I am proof in the pudding. 

Do you sense how the word "heartache" has completely taken on an entirely new vibe since your loved one died.


Here we break through the stigma or word choice and use the "D" words: death, died, dead. This is not to be morbid, but rather bringing truthful language to the realness of your grief. When we skirt around these words with phrases such as “passed away,” “resting,” or even something like, “we lost them,” not only can it not fully accurate but it can intentionally minimize your grief and the weight you carry since your loved one’s death.



No one had to die to be feeling the complexity of grief. You are 100% correct. While many of my clients are parents who have experienced the death of their child or their parent, if your loss is different, you are still in the right place. I have the honor and humble privilege in witnessing and working with those who’s losses are centered in divorce, estranged parent relationships and abusive relationships with those still alive.

SATELLIGHT'S MISSION is navigating the exquisite uniqueness of your broken heart, grieving and loss experiences with compassion, re-establishing a fulfilling life after loss, utilizing an evidence-based method, breathwork, body awareness and trauma-informed approach.

On the Couch

Loss is natural, but knowing this does not make it easy to work through, nor does it mean it's a topic many know how to address.



We live in a grief-illiterate society...where positivity and finding silver linings is everywhere… eww… I find these silvery anecdotes super annoying and off-putting. Enter: Grief Support and Education. If you listen carefully, you can audibly note the applause from every grieving soul who has incorporated this honest validation into their life after working with me.

"Where do I go now?"


Well, you’re here first off – so that’s a quite the hurdle. Respect.

Here's a helpful hint from a grief coach’s guidebook: YOU HAVE CHOICES. Your grief experience may be a result from having little or no control in the outcome in your situation,  but you get to choose what to do with your grief now.


1. DO NOTHING and wonder why your grief is running your life and destroying relationships.

2. WAIT hoping things will change with time. How much time would you wait if your leg was broken?

3. CANCEL / PRETEND YOU'RE NOT HURTING and play hide and seek with different coaches, therapists or programs, saying your interested but cancelling...on yourself.

OR YOU CAN TAKE ACTION  and book your  FREE Connection Call   and release that life-limiting belief that your broken heart means you'll never experience joy the same way you did before. 


 "I was uncertain and nervous to bring up my hard emotions and more pain, so I put off my connection call. I eventually made the call and am so glad I did! I think our first call was more painful than our sessions in looking back, but it felt so good to finally talk to someone who understood! Someone who personally knows loss and provides a safe, nonjudgmental space to openly talk and express my emotions."

- Brie


Empowerment in grief is possible. You bring your own individual take and pain-points to your grief… this is a big deal.  Why? Because you hold the key to your own healing and that is absolutely powerful.

You have a choice in how to acknowledge your grief, how you want to continue living your life.  Fear might be standing in your way. I have a secret: that struggle could be your grief bargaining with your fear I am on your side, rooting for you, you're not doing this alone. Grief support is not about curing grief because there is nothing broken or wrong with grief. This is about giving yourself permission to live a full life after loss with your grief.

A Woman Writing by the Window
Thinking Man on Couch

Grief support is not about curing grief because there is nothing broken or wrong with grief. This is about giving yourself permission to live a full life after loss.


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