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Is there an investment in working with you?

Short answer - Yes. The importance of emotional work has magnified over the past few years and build a stronger, empathetic society. The investment is less than $100 a session... this is how strongly I feel about the benefits of this program. It has shifted my life and I want to share it with YOU today. 

  • Investing in your emotional health is powerful; it impacts every aspect of your life!

  • Investing is yourself brings accountability, growth and valuing the importance of your grief.

  • There are no extra add-ons and zero hidden fees or extra charges.

  • The investment in working with me for 3-months is $995


Your heart investment will serve you for the rest of your life and positively impact every relationship you have ever had and will ever have in the future! My intention of sharing this investment value with you is to honor your desire with a financially trauma-informed understanding and respect. 

It's only been two months since the trauma/death/grief happened, is this too soon?

"Too soon" is a subjective term, and not one I like to use in grief... because there is no time frame to grief. May I ask you this instead: 


"Is it too soon to bring honor to your grief and get complete in your pain?"


If you feel it is not too soon to get either of these today... then no, it is not too soon for you to start Grief Recovery today. 

What does the investment include?

Not only will your investment give your grief the attention and judgement-free space it deserves, but also these important products and services:

  • Grief Recovery Method Handbook 

  • Grief Recovery Method Audiobook

  • Individualized Support of your Losses

  • Homework for each heart work session

  • 7 - 90 minute heart work sessions with Katie

  • plus 3 additional heart work sessions with Katie

  • Mailed Gift of from Katie 

  • Unlimited Support with Katie

I have been trained by truly incredible individuals in the field of grief, including:

  • Grief Recovery Method, Ed Owens and Laura Jack

  • Trauma Intervention Program, June Vining

  • Certified Grief Educator Program, David Kessler

Do you offer payment plans?

Great question! Yes - you can certainly select a payment plan below:

Bravery Plan - 3 payments x $335 

Courage Plan - 4 payments x $255

Are scholarships available?

Yes, please bring this up during our connection call.

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