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Sitting with Grief


Are you in the early months after a loss? Or even months after a loss? Sitting with grief can be really isolating. If you're like me, I searched the internet hoping and begging to find a "How to Survive in Grief" manual. With no avail, I sought out my own coping skills, as others provided platitudes with little support. I felt lost. Are you feeling lost or overwhelmed in grief? You are not alone in these feelings. Grief can make you feel like you're going crazy with the complexity of emotions, brain fog, forgetfulness, and others encouraging you it will get better with time. Unfortunately, depending upon where you're at in your journey, you may be realizing that time isn't helping do much for your broken heart. This online course is a 5-week, video led, self-paced program to Sit with your Grief with the respect and encouragement that is truly helpful. Based on the Grief Recovery Method, an evidence based program with actionable steps towards healing your heart, releasing the pain and living with grief after a loss. What's included: - 5 weeks of video actionable support to watch at your own convenience - 5 weeks of workbook pages - 5 weeks of email support - 20 questions of grief-informed, actionable support - 45-minute video support call with Katie - Ability to define your grief and healthy coping strategies - Move forward with your grief Participants have unlimited time to complete the 5-weeks of modules. Purchase of this program is final. No refunds.

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    Katie Greer




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