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Grief Coaching

Grief is a natural emotional response. 


Unfortunately, all too often we try to ease our grief by using intellectual tools and if it’s not us, it’s loved ones around us attempting these tactics. Everyone experiences grief differently - it’s unique and individual to every person. Conflicting feelings can be overwhelming and scary.


During our sessions, share as you feel comfortable.

Man Sitting on Stairs

Grief Recovery Method (GRM) is a step-by-step, action program for unlocking and respecting the emotional experience of our grief, both the immediate or presenting grief and those that may have been holding us captive for years.

This is just you, me, and the purple book for an online, seven-week course in a zero judgement zone.


Over these sessions, you will learn and practice HOW to take ACTION to find recovery in grief and experience a fuller life.

These individual sessions are tailored around your schedule, and able to participate from the comfort of your space. Once the GRM program is completed for one loss, the tools you will learn can be used over and over again, to address other past losses, and to help more quickly address new losses.



Is there an investment in working with you?

Short answer - Yes. The importance of emotional work has magnified over the past few years and build a stronger, empathetic society. 

  • Investing in your emotional health is powerful; it impacts every aspect of your life!

  • Investing is yourself brings accountability, growth and valuing the importance of your grief.

  • There are no extra add-ons and zero hidden fees or extra charges.


Your heart investment will serve you for the rest of your life and positively impact every relationship you have ever had and will ever have in the future! My intention of sharing this investment value with you is to honor your desire with a financially trauma-informed understanding and respect. 

What type of Training do you have?

I have been trained by truly incredible individuals in the field of grief, including:

  • Certified Grief Educator Program, David Kessler

  • Grief Recovery Method, Ed Owens and Laura Jack

  • Trauma Intervention Program, June Vining


Do you offer payment plans or scholarship?

Yep! You can bring this up during our 30 minute free connection call.

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