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Neat and tidy are overrated - simple organization is where it's at. 


I LOVE TO ORGANIZE. This is not a secret. No vulnerability needed in this sector of my life.


If you ask me to help you organize, I will jump in, without hesitation with a legal pad, fancy pen and highlighter. Just ask anyone who saw me pack to move four doors down a street. And yes. Four doors down the same street - more on that on the blog! ;)

Raise your hand if you live in the digital world solely with a spotless house. Yeah. No one - so stop pretending like you do and let's keep it real.

Photos of the Hawthorne Homestead's INSTA < REAL are on my instagram account.  Post your INSTA < REAL and tag #instavreal


After someone dies, going through their personal belongings is difficult.

Before making any kind of purge, sit with the items and determine if the emotions you're feeling with them are positive or negative. Note the feelings either in a journal or mentally and return to the item at a later date - you get to choose this time frame. Upon your re-visit, did you emotional association change? If the feelings are negative or non-existent, consider parting with the item. If the feelings are positive and strongly engaged, hold onto it. The items you're holding on to can be revisited later too. 

If donating or tossing an item is your choosing, try your best to contact others who might find sentimental value in holding onto it. No need to stir the pot of emotions within the present living when you have the opportunity to nurture connections. 

this is beautiful and I love my white kitchen... but I don't live like this- ain't got time for it. *nor can you correct the lighting in real life...that I know of?!...  ;) 


here is the reality...before cleaning - and just as beautiful!

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