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Pull up a chair, friend.

You are taking the initiative in healing your heart.

I'm really touched and excited to work with you!


The name Satellight Project is a loving tribute for my daughter, Marissa, and her affinity for the moon to encourage LIGHT  to your grieving heart. FUN FACT: did you know the moon is a natural satellite?

Our "Project" to a full life is a conscious, ongoing effort after loss - yet with the right tools, (like the ones you will learn here!) make it so much gentler.

This space was created for YOUR grief. Thank you for joining me here. 

FAQ: Working With Katie

What will we do during grief recovery sessions? 

Depending upon which course you'd prefer to take...


In Grief Recovery we will work together for two months (7 sessions), using compassion, not intellectual statements, observe and address stress, pain, anger and other emotions that stem from loss. Then, we dive in and get complete with your pain using an evidence-based method that has helped thousands over FOURTY years!

Yeah, it's kind of a big deal! 

For Supporting Children in Loss we meet for one month (4 sessions) and relearn supportive verbiage in grief for young hearts. Extensive focus is placed on the adult being an immersive listener using GRM as the foundation and learning about Emotional Energy Checklists. 

How did you get into this work?

Grief Education is an atypical line of work and I never imagined I'd be in it. My daughter drowned in a terrible accident at age four. Emptiness and isolation, pain, rage, and sorrow enveloped me… then I found Grief Recovery. After completing the Method, I was impassioned to support other grievers.

Does this work trigger you?

Great question! Nope. A true testament to this Method. I am honored to sit with you in the tough emotions so you can get complete with your pain and loss of the relationship you're focused on. I also teach those who want to support a friend in their grief but feel they "just don't know what to say."

I am struggling in loss but it wasn't a death, is this weird?

Thank you for your honesty. Struggling in loss is normal and truly, no one had to die to experience grief. Grief is not limited to bereavement and is different than mourning - it's the conflicting feelings after a change in pattern or routine.

What’s your background, is this therapy? 

Talking about the heart is my passion, physiologically and emotionally. Understanding how the body and mind work have always been a passion of mine. I have a BS in Kinesiology from Oregon State University, working in a cardiology clinic before becoming a mom and switching career paths! I am not a therapist, yet this work has evidence-based, therapeutic benefits! 

When you're ready, I would be honored to be part of your journey in recovery…



My name is Katie!


I am so glad you have found grief recovery and interested in investing in your healing. Looking forward to meeting you, even if just virtually for now!


A little bit about me - I enjoy coffee (black or with sugary syrups), consuming cheesy quesadillas by the plateful, and dark humor. I love dancing, taking goofy selfies and pup snuggles. During our calls, Luna my Labradoodle, is usually under foot resting after a "ruff" day of chasing squirrels!


I live in Oregon with my husband in a quaint little farmhouse. Together, we have two beautiful children, one here and one here in spirit. 


I love when a stranger becomes a friend and when serendipitous connections in the Universe grace us. 

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