Here we go...

I posted’s real now.

A few months ago I started to announce a new endeavor. This path has taken dips and turns but continues to stare me in the face - even when I look away, it’s beckoning me, “You know I’m still here, I’ll sit and be patient until you are ready to absorb my presence.” And there it sat, until today.

My grandma’s death in September took a few month for the degrees of loss to set in. Perhaps it was in part that day was also Trent’s 6th birthday coinciding with his first day of Cub Scouts and Kindergarten. 😳 Missing her service heart and teacher-focused affirmations blended with my yearning to help others in grief. So began a sort of melting pot, swirling in vibrance - each color complimenting and enriching the next.

In November, the reality of, “Sooo, this is where you are now, what are you gonna do to next?” I knew what my heart wanted, to help others express their emotions and not let the isolation of grief win. Isolation from loss is awful, security and trust are convoluted and communication breaks down.

I had read about the Grief Institute and their classes in Bend and nestled into reading their process and books. Naturally, I discussed this with my therapist. She has been a huge reason for my shift in speaking truth with me (with hints of sarcasm and dark humor), pushing the buttons I historically hid. With many of these buttons now exposed through therapy and Grief Recovery I acknowledge these traps of isolation and fight to state only the facts. *Note - “Recovery” meaning feeling better, having addressed pain and taken action to move forward.

In recognizing the astounding shift, I sought out a Specialist Certification to sit and listen to others, encouraging their navigation through unscripted emotions. No, it isn’t easy - but it is incredibly worth it. The Institute is filled with like-minded people, some clinical, some not, some with deaths, some with abuse...but all with grief. Grief is natural. So very natural, it just looks different on everybody.

In addition to facilitating Grief classes (group and 1:1) I will be assisting teachers and parents in how to help children with loss. I have received many questions pertaining to this topic over the past four years and have gained insight and knowledge through the Grief Institute and my own experiences in how we can break our habits to pave a gentler road for the next generation without creating myths and developing harmful STERBs (wanna know what that is?! Send me a message and we’ll talk about it!)

I’m not an expert, but I have gone through insurmountable pain along with it’s fall-out... and this has helped me in ways nothing else has. It’s real. It will break down why words like “it’s ok!” or “they’re in a better place now,” does not help . I’m here when you’re ready.

Emotions must simply be witnessed, no feedback, no judgement.



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