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after a loss


When a loss occurs it can feel like the protective threads that held your world together are stripped away.  


Over our lifetime, we have been conditioned to withhold displaying our natural and intuitive emotions after a loss. Thus, creating isolation, limiting support and creating detrimental effects over the years (cumulative loss is a real thing). 

Sad on Couch


You took the first step, being here - stop and give yourself a pat on the back, or bear hug - seriously. Here you will find a mindful and compassionate heart, one that can identify with devastation and feeling incomplete.


While I cannot say I know your pain, only you know how you feel and only you have that right, I can relate to the emotions that are linked to pain and invite you to talk through yours.


Through actionable steps and speaking your truth, years of your unresolved grief can be healed (with no judgement or comparison). This is possible through a 7-week, evidence-based method. [NOTE: I always offer those who work with me an additional 3 weeks of heartwork]

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