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Grief Friend

If you know someone going through loss but are scared to offer support, fearing you'll say the wrong thing - you're in the right place. Why is grief so hard to talk about? The subject matter feels taboo... fear of hurting someone more... unsure what to say... 

So we are taught to say the following: 

  • Don't Feel Bad

  • Grieve Alone

  • Replace the Loss

  • Time Heals All

  • Stay Strong

  • Stay Busy

These 6 myths about grief keep use intellect to address an emotional problem, and they do not work. 

Support Group

Support Consultation Call

If you have specific questions in your support role as the good grief friend, or wish to seek additional guidance or keeping up with your own self care, emotional and mentally... book a 45 minute call with me and we can go over what concerns you're experiencing. 

Support Group Session



When taking on a supporter role, it is your job to be present and understand why the myths don't work. Get on the Wait List for an upcoming series in how to support a grieving family member, friend, or coworker.

You will learn HOW TO:

  • offer genuine grief support

  • learn what to say

  • learn what not to say - and why it's not helpful

  • ask the correct questions

  • address your own fears

  • follow up months and years after a loss

If you're close to someone who is going through a traumatic life event, what a gift you are to them, willing to learn and offer support. Here, you will gain tools to understand your own losses and how best to support others.

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