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Katie is a calm, safe listener who knows grief intimately. She lets you be you with no judgement of how you navigate your own grief. She welcomes all emotions.


Before taking the Helping Children with Loss class, I was looking to apply my new tools to my work, but realized I was still grieving the death of my parents. I’ve learned how to slow down and to be a better listener.

- Krysti 

Helping Children with Loss

Working with Katie helped me learn how to navigate the journey of grief. Grief is always evolving and so are our emotions with grief, and this program helped me tackle the emotions that come with grief.


I learned to give myself grace in many circumstances while dealing with loss of my mom, and was able to come to peace with many situations from our relationship.

- Client

Grief Recovery Method

Katie’s sweet spirit and passion for helping grieving people is evident. I appreciate how vulnerable and open she was about her own grief and how she was gentle with my heart. 


Katie quickly picked up on how hard I was on myself and consistently gave me grace and reminded me to be gentle with myself. Not only was this helpful in the grieving process with my mom, but also other losses.


I recommend GRM, especially with Katie, to everyone working through any loss. 

- Katy

Grief Recovery Method

This course was eye-opening. Katie does such an incredible job demonstrating why the misconceptions I have been using with my kids were unhelpful.

The myths are what I knew - so I had continued to teach them without challenging the ideas.

Helping Children With Loss can benefit every parent and teacher.

- James

Helping Children with Loss

"Thank you for your courage and desire to help those in grief to find their own way. You do a beautiful job with GRM. I highly recommend your programs!"

"Your words always ring. No matter who you are, they resonate in a way and we respond and feel your grief in little bits and you help us cope with ours. You are a healer."

"You always have such a way with words that makes people think deeper. I appreciate that a lot!"

"Thank you for sharing your journey of grief with us. Your words have made me a better, kinder, more compassionate person. A person who can better walk beside another in their grief."

"You were meant for this work, to support others to heal."

"Thank you for sharing your grief and encouraging all of us to both feel the feels and remember that our moments of joy can bring heartache to others."

"Your incredible ability to put your emotions and experience into words has deeply touched me and so many others."

"Thank you for your transparency! You were able to put in words what many people (myself included) feel and sometimes can't express."

"Thank you for giving us a window into your grief and the reminder that new layers of grief continue to brutally unfold. We are brave and courageous not because we 'move on', which is a terrible notion, but because we choose to love and choose graciousness toward ourselves and allow ourselves rage without breaking."

"You move me to appreciate every single moment, no matter how hard, with my daughter."

"You truly are blessing others through your loss, experience and openness."

"You are teaching my heart to see grief in ways I never thought."

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