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Do you have the correct tools to address the stressors and issues children are being faced with today? Discover which well-intentioned statements make connecting in grief worse and could be modeling poor behavior.

Helping Children with Loss is a Trauma-Informed and ACEs-informed program, created with the awareness that adverse childhood events can have a permanent impact on a person's wellbeing. The course provides parents and educators the specific tools for helping a child of any age and/or ability level with a personal loss of any kind.


Upon completion of this course, participants will have the confidence and the ability to communicate effectively with children and teenagers on the topics of grief and loss. 

The techniques taught in this course have been adapted for children while using the Grief Recovery Method and can be applied towards Professional Development, SEL Training, and 10 CEUs.

Grieving Children

Now, more than ever, children need adults in their life to be grief-informed. Join this 4-week course, earn CEUs, and support the young hearts in your life today.

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